Who Am I? A Deep Dive Identity Assessment

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Who Am I? A Deep Dive Identity Assessment
 "The best adjusted people are the psychologically 'patriotic' who are glad to be with what they are."
Isabel Briggs-Myers

Every One has a different identity make up, built from innate personality preferences and stories that come from perspectives of the world - standpoints learned from experiences unique to the One who views the world through that particular kaleidoscope of identity.

Understanding the key elements that make up the way you interface with the world is a wonderful starting point for transformation. Knowing why you value, interact and respond the way you do gives you an inner landscape through which to navigate into a deeper essence of Truth. 

The Myer-Briggs Type Indicator is a tool for mapping out some of the macro pieces of your personality, which provides a strong bridge towards the Self - beyond personality and identity and into the highest aspect of you that is unchanging and a natural essence of what you are. The tool is a map of personality built on early behavioral theories developed by Carl Jung. It is the most widely used personality assessment in the world, the most robustly researched, and for good reason. At Kerin School of Healing we value this tool as a balanced and reliable assessment of the personality that is defining your identities. Discover this and you have gained even deeper mastery over your choices in how to respond to the world. 

Gain A Deep Understanding of your Inner Terrain

This is a key personal development course for anyone looking to drastically change their game and create astounding possibilities for themselves. After taking this course your whole perspective will have shifted; of yourself, your life, and of the opportunities that are out there - from which you may create a whole new world and experience of life. 

In this intimate conversational coaching session with MBTI certified personality trainer Matthew A Wilson you will get: 

One hour assessment and coaching via your preferred secure meeting platform. 

(worth $295)

An extensive, personalized personality report including uncovered strengths and new power traits. 

(worth $100)

A 30-Day energy protocol for solidifying a new story about yourself and embodying uncovered strengths and new traits.

(worth $195)

Essential oil pairings for optimum energetic and chemistry attunements.

(Worth $99)

A guided visualization optimized for your personality type to settle into a deep and true confidence and inner strength, an acceptance of who you are.

(Worth $10)

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