Rapid Trauma Release (RTR) Certification Course

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Rapid Trauma Release (RTR) Certification Course
Rapid Trauma Release (RTR) Certification Course

Rapid Trauma Release (RTR©) - a simple and rapid healing modality for releasing trauma

 Learn the most powerful energy tool known to modern science and how to use it to erase trauma memories from the cellular structure. 

Trauma is not stored in our brains, but in the DNA. This means there is no real purpose to constantly seeking healing from different symptoms of the same trauma, because it will simply continue to manifest in different ways.


"I am unlovable"
"If work isn't hard then it isn't work."
"I am alone"
"Service must include sacrifice"
"I'm not good enough"
"I don't matter"
"A noble life must include suffering"
"I'm broken"
Because evolution is designed to keep our species safe and alive, trauma logged in the DNA field will trigger a fight or flight response in the brain to alert us to danger. If we are constantly triggered we switch into a default mode of stress and tension which over time manifests as disease of the mind, emotional field and body. While we might have moved through our traumatic stories, and maybe even used them for good - underneath the surface, our traumas often still run our thoughts and our lives as whispers of beliefs about ourselves and life.

Release the trauma code written in the DNA and watch as your entire world transforms.

When a trauma is formed, it confirms negative suspicions about ourselves or present us with false truth paradigms that we come to believe are true, "truths" that we base on who we think we are being told that we are by our surroundings. We call this Trauma Code. The Trauma Code is stored in the DNA and runs in the background of our every move, having us base our entire perspective and life choices on a false self-image.  
And because trauma is encoded in the DNA, you are potentially also carrying traumas from anyone in your genetic lineage. Ever. 
As the false beliefs are of traumatic origin, they control our lives with fear and obscure our vision of freedom, turning us into self-eradicating, anxious beings, constantly trying to make up for being faulty or wrong somehow.

Thus, a vicious cycle is formed. 

Yes, why is it so that the things we hate and fear the most have a habit of being "confirmed" by "reality" again and again?
The Trauma Code is easily triggered, and saturate our daily life with "proof" of its validity, like in the case study below. Everywhere around us are triggers that may set them off, sending the signal to the brain to go into fight or flight mode, and pattern thinking ensues, invoking and perpetuating negative feeling - turning them into deep, hidden streams of automatic affirmations that you keep telling yourself.

One of our clients, "James" is generally a peaceful man but gets triggered in traffic and experiences tremendous stress and anger from the many crazy drivers "out there". Day after day his peace is obliterated the moment he gets in the car. James' root issue is not traffic, though. Traffic just triggers a fear of dying which is experienced as traumatic because of a root trauma code of "I don't matter". This code might have come from a childhood story with his father, or perhaps was passed down to him from his own father's life experience. The origin really doesn't matter. What matters is that this belief is with him in every one of life's choices and makes him look for signs confirming its validity and even act in ways that would enable the validation to occur.
Through the Rapid Trauma Release (RTR) © technique developed by Kerin School of Healing he was able to identify his root issue, release it and install a fundamental knowing that he matters.
Without the trauma code shaping his essence, what he saw in life became peaceful, enriched and full of meaning and purpose. A reflection of his new Self. And he drives all the way to work without encountering a single "crazy driver."

What patterns and cycles keep showing up in your life? What if you could erase the underlying trauma code? What would you see in your life? 

Our teachings are built on the three pillars of Neurolinguistics, Energy Work & Essential Oils.


  1. A visual understanding of what you are and how life creates through you.

  2. The tool you need to establish an understanding of the energetic link between your error codes, triggered emotions, thought patterns and feeling experience. 

  3. The tool you need to get rid of old paradigms and limitations that cause fear and pattern thinking.

  4. Personalized affirmations that you can use to reprogram your genetic memory with positive beliefs. 

  5. Essential Oil guidance for your specific needs.

  6. Certification Diploma

  7. NEW! A chance to work with Elizabeth A Wilson and teach RTR©  KSH now offers full tutoring with the purchase of an affiliate program.