Impostor Syndrome - A Quick Fix

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Impostor Syndrome - A Quick Fix

Do you ever suffer from Impostor Syndrome? That sickly whisper in the back of your mind questioning your ability and authority to do your job, to speak up, to go after what you desire the most?

True confidence is not arrogance, nor is it a certain way of behaving, talking or thinking. Rather, it is a foundational Knowing of who you really are. With that Knowing comes an inherent worthiness.

Work directly with Elizabeth A. Wilson to shatter your diminishing beliefs and step into the Knowing of your true worth. This invaluable foundation will help you goal map your life from a perspective of Truth, and get to where you want without compromising on your integrity.  


  • A deep dive counselling session with founder of KSH, Elizabeth A Wilson, where you’ll get to the root cause of your Imposter Syndrome.
  • A personal report with a map of how your life experience actually makes you the most qualified to do what you want to do.

  • An easy, personalized energy protocol to reprogram the DNA so that fear code is erased. 

  • A guided meditation for diving deep into the molecular realm and relay new, empowering and enlivening truths into your cellular consciousness.

  • Usually $199 - ON SALE for $99! 

Healing the patterns of Impostor Syndrome self-sabotage will lift the veil from your eyes and the stone from your heart, propelling you forward to the inner life of your dreams. 


Going through life walking on eggshells as you are crippled by fear, anticipating the day someone will see right through your game, is extremely counter-productive. Fearing public ridicule as you are outed as a fraud, as a flake, causing you to lose your job, get dumped or shunned for not being good enough, is holding you back from going after your dream job or even your dream relationship. 

Are you really in the wrong place, job, or relationship, or are you choosing to believe you are because you are afraid? The very act of second guessing yourself often causes us to go in the opposite direction than the one we should be going - away from the edges of our comfort zone and from the thing we actually want the most. 

"But who would want to hear what you have to say?

Who do you even think you are?

They’re going to find you out if you tell them you’ve got something worth having!”

That voice that says you have to know everything and learn everything and have all the data and certificates before you get to go out there and share with the world? Impostor Syndrome. That you have to be a good lover or weigh less than so many pounds to date. That there is a glitch in your DNA that has created a thought pattern that switches on when you’re about to move out of your comfort zone. In this course, we will remove that glitch. 

Through working with Elizabeth on this express course you’ll know what your worth is and you’ll easily and gracefully start creating the vision you’ve been flirting with, maybe write the book you’re dreaming of, you start the business, you tell people your story. You will confidently know that you are an expert in your unique field and you will have mapped out how your life has been your training ground and why that IS ENOUGH to take action and proceed with your ideas.

Because YOU are enough. 

A LACK OF CONFIDENCE: A self-imposed lie. 

A lack of confidence is usually an investment in false identities that we’ve picked up on the way, and the doubt in the ability of those identities to meet the standards we think are set by the phantom “they”. And it follows an investment in what people think – or rather, in what you’ve decided for yourself that others must be thinking. I’m not as good a mother as they think I should be. I’m not as good an employee as they think I should be. I’m not as much of an expert in my field as they think I should be.

Einstein said "Everything is energy and that’s all it is to it." YOU are a manifestation of the same quantum essence that forms all things. There is no negotiating that – this is proven. Which means of course that you are invested with the same worth as everyone else. How YOU show up in the world is up to you, but your worth is never in question.

This express course will eradicate that trauma code that is whispering to you that you don’t have what it takes and that you’ll get found out. Wherever you are on the Impostor Syndrome scale, let’s shift it out of your consciousness altogether by tuning you back into your unique talent and your unshakable worth. No impostor syndrome can operate when you are in your knowing of who you are.

You will learn how to


 Claim your worth today.