I Am Truth

Kerin School of Self Healing

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I Am Truth

A Course in Personal Mastery & How to Clear Trauma from the Cellular Structure

Presenting an all new understanding of the Human Consciousness, I Am Truth is a 4-day immersion in the depths of your Self, dismantling the constructs upon which we base our perception of reality - opening up for a rapid expansion of your personal Mastery.
Invaluable for leaders, coaches, healers, and anyone seeking to clear negative programming and advance their mastery, I Am Truth is the start of a new journey not just for you, but for everyone you come across in experience. 
You will be trained in using the new Rapid Trauma Release© technique, which is hailed by industry experts for its innovative angle as well as its effectiveness. 

With her usual eloquence and marvellous insights, Elizabeth A Wilson will guide you on a healing journey from which 'YOU' will never return.