HERO: The 5-Step Protocol for Dealing with Difficulty

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HERO: The 5-Step Protocol for Dealing with Difficulty

Overcome Difficulty - of Any Kind.

Life includes challenge, that's just part of the deal. When we find ourselves stuck behind obstacles, our vision fogged by emotion and our reasoning overrun with what-if algorithms, we need a protocol to guide our actions. Only then are we free to meet the challenge in full creative power. 

What if you could make your way through a challenge as easily as possible?
The natural way of the cosmos is forever more expansion, and that means pushing against the boundaries of what-is. The resistance you feel when you’re faced with a hard time, whatever it is, is an indication that you’ve met the edge of what’s known and you’re moving into a wider, deeper, and more expansive version of life.
It does not mean you’re doing something wrong, or missing the path, or not spiritual and righteous enough. It means you’ve arrived at a threshold, and your mission is to know what to do next for the highest and best outcome.
The courage it takes to lean into the challenge instead of denying its existence is the key to moving into the next realm.
It doesn't matter what you're dealing with, because
difficulty has little to do with circumstance.
In my work I have sat in intimate communion with hundreds of students dealing with sorrow woven into such diverse sets of circumstances that I have come to the knowing that difficulty is a sacred companion we all have the opportunity to meet:
  • One of my students is a marine veteran dealing with acute PTSD where sudden sounds trigger a flashback that brings him into combat.
  • One is a woman who is grieving the loss of her baby.
  • One is a young girl of great financial wealth who can’t escape the oppressive chatter in her mind.
  • One is a man who has been repeating an abuse cycle programmed into his being before he could even walk.
  • One is an ordinary man who just feels stuck in a zombie-like state of mediocrity.
  • One is a 90 year old woman in the winter season of her life who is coming to terms with the choices she made.
  • One has cancer of the everything.

There is no end to the list of what counts as difficulty and there is no measure of how difficulty should be experienced or overcome.

Research has found that what is recorded in the DNA as traumatic is entirely dependent on the blood chemistry at the time, which is why two people can have the same experience and one finds it transformative and empowering while the other finds it traumatic and draining. So difficulty is not a slave to circumstance, and chemistry is only a demonstration of what difficulty looks like in the physical.

Difficulty in life is much more sacred than that. We don’t get to judge what level of hardship another is experiencing because we only receive such a small number of energetic data points to make our minds up. 

“Whose hardship is hardest” discussions are never fruitful 
because there isn’t an answer.


Treating life with all her difficulties as our beloved lover gives us insight into how the flow moves through us and we can get very good at noticing patterns and planning ahead for a season we recognize.

 It is in that gentle observing and responding that our sovereignty lies, and where a challenge that may have first been felt as crippling becomes the very medicine that launches you into a new realm of being.
For example, at the entrance to a difficulty my husband and I were moving our few belongings into a derelict barn to give our children shelter from the stigma of homelessness. Baby step by baby step, we learned how to make magic out of dust, making no agreement with the circumstance as a destination but rather as an invitation. At the exit of the difficulty a year later, we lived in rich canvas tents on beautiful raw land in Colorado, apprenticing with an off-grid family and learning to tend goats and harvest solar power. What was first a difficult challenge was transformed into a launching pad forward to a life of wealth beyond our dreams.
We all have a story or a challenge that serves as the counterbalance to perfect bliss. For most, it is the same theme that turns up in the seasons of darkness. 

Sometimes we can get consumed by a mission to remove it altogether, believing we won’t be truly whole as long as it’s still showing up. It can usually be explained with metaphysics, epigenetics and psychology – but that doesn’t address the mystery behind the WHY.

The WHY is only first experienced, and never fully verbalized, when we begin to really participate with that challenge. We meet it, in presence, and know it for what it is. As long as we are humans this darkness will be a natural part of our fabric. Even Jesus cried in agonizing resistance to what he knew was his life’s path that last night in the Garden of Gethsemane. The human consciousness certainly does include polarity, duality, division, diversity, limitation and fear – and perhaps those are the limitations that are the very borders creating the colors in the magnificent kaleidoscope.
There is a way to embrace the shadows, to honor the darkness, and to move through it with love even in the pain. To lean against the boundaries of what we know is good, and transform the obstacle into a threshold. 
This course outlines the process we have used time and time again to shift a challenge so it takes on the form of an opportunity. With five easy but important steps, the course calls on our metacognition tools, energy practices and essential oils to bring us along a simple but profound pathway for moving through any difficulty. With grace and ease, you will come out the other end of the season with greater sovereignty.  


This course is perfect if you have already completed the Rapid Trauma Release certification, or if you have healed from your traumas and are ready to step into an even greater mastery. 

Although you have released trauma codes and false identities and are ready to meet life as liberated from programming, you must still expect challenge. As you grow, and you will on a path of life mastery, you’ll frequently reach the boundaries of what is known and comfortable. Obstacles that you might previously have thought of as limitations or evidence of failure must become launching pads for success and prosperity. 

It helps to have a framework to lean on when you encounter difficulty. Understanding and following a protocol that is embedded as an innate tool liberates your creative energy to move through challenges with grace, peace and masterful problem-solving.

You will learn:

  • The energetic and psychological art of surrendering to the circumstance so that resistance no longer prevents the flow of solution.
  • What your unique personal tools are and how to tap into your innate power tools that will serve to shift the challenge ahead of you.
  • How to peak the performance of your higher mental faculties so you approach the challenge with your most acute awareness.
  • How to discern the most beneficial choices using applied kinesiology when planning your next move. 
  • How to allow the solution to unfold gracefully even when you don't know what that solution looks like. 
  • The best essential oils for managing your energy and focus during challenges (oil kit must be ordered separately)
  • You will also receive a powerful guided meditation that will help shift mental resistance to the situation.
  • You will also receive training in an energy tool that encodes the learning into the cellular programming so it becomes default and embodied. 

 You will receive:

  • Five video tutorials, one on each step in the protocol.
  • Five one to one coaching sessions to address your unique difficulty.
  • A handbook for guiding you through the process.
  • An essential oil plan personalized to your current challenge.

And all the blessings on your path.