GENIUS - A Handbook for How to Think

Kerin School of Self Healing

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GENIUS - A Handbook for How to Think

In this five week course you will learn the true meaning of the first principle of philosophy: "I Think Therefore I AM" (Renee Descartes) and study five thought techniques that will forever change the way you use your brain and higher faculties. The true meaning of genius is not your IQ level but the ability to understand what you need to understand in that moment, and with this course you will know what techniques and essential oils to apply to use your thinking tool to its most acute performance. 

You will learn:

  • The basics of brain science and the laws of mind over matter.
  • Four thought practices that will always be your template for simplifying your thinking and discerning the highest quality thought in any moment.
  • How to permanently break negative thought patterns.
  • The best essential oils for brain performance and how to use them (oil kit must be ordered separately.)
  • You will also receive a guided meditation for detaching from rigid thought patterns and attune your thinking to your highest wisdom.