ADVENTURER - A Guide for Safely Living in the Flow

Kerin School of Self Healing

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ADVENTURER - A Guide for Safely Living in the Flow

You have heard the terms "go with the flow" and "follow your heart" and while that is an alluring idea it is also tricky to navigate your relationship with the physical structure. The question "but how?" is the biggest blockage to living a surrendered and free life. In this 5 week course you will learn how to lay your own tracks in the moment without losing the safety of a solid foundation.

You will learn:

  • What your highest ideal is and how it ties in with your life's purpose.
  • How to formulate your vision and hold it energetically so you attract the circumstances that support it.
  • How to invoke and nurture the courage, confidence and grace you will need on your way.
  • What to pack in your backpack - the essential oils, energy tools and metacognition techniques for living in the world but not being of it.
  • How to always discern the next step on the route so you're never left floundering in the wilderness.
  • You will also receive a powerful meditation for enhancing confidence and courage.