Student Testimonials and Professional Recommendations

"Elizabeth herself personifies such beauty and grace in every vibration of her presence. One cannot help but fall in love with her, and be better for it. She has such an ease and comfort that I have found myself having full permission to be a better doctor, a better questioner, a better observer of life in her presence. Full of beauty, words, and wisdom, Elizabeth evokes this ancient memory that yes, we are all capable of being a bit better than we actually are stumbling around life as. Her kind, funny, and engaging stories help spread these lessons with laughter and if you’re lucky enough to be in her physical presence perhaps also some aromatic oils or delicious treats. I give Elizabeth and her teachings my highest recommendation. I am honored to know her."

- Dr Cynthia Clark, award-winning Applied Clinical Nutritionist, Medical QiGong and black belt Chinese Shao Lin Kung Fu Artist, FL, USA


"Gracious and accommodating! During a session, Elizabeth pulled out my vulnerability right away and could sense the specific area where I still needed healing, pinpointing the residual sadness I’d been carrying. The session with her was wonderful! She also sent me a gift in the mail of an essential oil blend that I needed with a lovely hand-written note, which is rare these days (that you receive any “goodies” in the mail). Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable in her field, not only as a healer, but as a researcher and is truly an intellectual when it comes to a wide array of healing modalities (and the science behind it). Anyone is in fantastic hands with Elizabeth and I feel privileged to know her and work with her to this day! As a side note, I too am a healer. I’m an acupuncturist and I do Reiki, so I know a great practitioner when I meet one."

Melanie – Acupuncturist in Colorado, USA


"Sylvia is by far the best healer I have encountered. I have struggled with huge emotional and physical pain and traumas, and I have spent a lot of time just laying down, not being able to move, even though people would never know from my active vocation. Sylvia is incredibly talented. She saw right through me when we met. She saw the darkness and she saw the light. Sylvia has given me treatments that have had deep impact. She has a huge heart and really wants to help guide us to a better life. I will always consider her a mentor. I talk to her a lot and ask for advice, and I definitely feel I am in good hands. I recommend everyone who are interested in self-improvement or want to increase their quality of life to have a session with her. You will not regret it."

Camilla Nicoline Vik - Kickboxing World Champion & Yoga Teacher in Oslo, Norway


"I have had one healing session with Elizabeth A A Wilson, that was totally transforming and a real eye opener for me in many ways. She is a great, natural, extremely talented healer. She also gave me teachings that were spot on. I am so thankful to her." 

Gunilla – Healer in Bredared, Sweden


"I've worked with healers all over the world in many types of modalities. Elizabeth is one of the best! Her healing is not surface, ya know, "feel good for an hour after". It's lifetime healing. I am going through a huge transition of leaving an abusive relationship. Elizabeth guided me beyond the momentary heart ache and fear. She offered deep healing. I accepted because she creates a safe place. Without judgement or pity, she become the conduit of love, kindness & compassion. She held my hand and guided me to my healing. Gently lovingly so that I may feel in my own body - a healthy heart. She has also worked & guided my 16 year old to her own healing. Gave her tools to use after the session so she is empowered to continue healing. She has changed the abuse cycle in our family and helped light the path to true healing."

 Peggy – VP of Operations in Colorado, USA


"I have worked with and had help from seasoned healers from all corners of the world, but I can safely say Sylvia is gifted on a whole other level. Her intuition and clairvoyance is unparalleled and you can trust that she takes you where you need to be to experience the change you are longing for — physically, mentally or emotionally. Sylvia always delivers. I am incredibly grateful for everything she has done for me."

Kjell Olsen - Spiritual Teacher in Oslo, Norway


"I have had two healing sessions with Elizabeth. I have no words that are good enough to explain how incredibly wonderful, spiritual, calming, healing these sessions were. From her classes I have learned so much. I have learned to take a step back and think before I act or speak. I am learning to take the high road willingly...there is stuff going on that is pushing me to the brink but I am thankful and grateful for Elizabeth for what she teaches and more important what she lives. I have taken her Reiki classes and practicing what I have learned. I wish that all of you could be here and learn from her weekly classes. I am forever grateful that Elizabeth came into my life."

Kathy – Administrative Manager in Colorado, USA


"Elizabeth has been a saving grace in my life. I am learning that in order to find true peace in my life I need to be a civilian and move on with my life and live it. I am no longer in the military and the military no longer defines me. I am free, I am safe, i am free to choose who is in my life. I am peace."

Bernadette - US Air Force (ret) Colorado, USA


"Oh my! I've had one distance healing session with Elizabeth. I didn't know what to expect but what I got was way beyond what I could have ever asked for. Elizabeth really made an effort to track down the root cause of the problem I was dealing with. She asked exactly the right questions and used her intuition and inner guidance to help me understand the road to healing. It was an experience that still, many weeks later, effects my life. She helped me reach new levels of healing and I'm forever grateful. I have a new understanding of my patterns and important insight to what I have to do to break free. I would recommend her to anyone who really wants to transform their lives. Thanks Elizabeth, for sharing your gift with the world."

Maria – Healer and coach in Kramfors, Sweden.


"Back in October, Elizabeth A A Wilson messaged me and asked how I was. I did the unexpected and a answered 100% honestly.  At the time, I was feeling very low, self worth -1, I told Elizabeth I was very sad. She asked me if I had Orange Essential Oil ( I did- and only used it with my toothpaste ) She encouraged me to use that oil, over my solar plexus, and repeat a couple words over and over: “I am who I am, I am here in truth, I am truth, I am here.” I remember whispering this over and over, I rubbed the Orange Oil on my solar plexus, and each breath I held the bottle up to my nose. Friends, this truly, truly, truly, healed my soul. I felt renewed, I felt peaceful, joy, and worthy. All before noon! Elizabeth I am truly forever grateful for that moment in my life."

Ruth – Credit Analyst in Nanaimo BC, Canada


About the course: "How to Think"

"How to Think: This event was phenomenal, Elizabeth A A Wilson is such a gifted teacher, she makes this potentially difficult subject as plain as sunshine. I would joyfully recommend this class to anybody who wants to learn how powerful our thinking can become!"

Margie – Medicine Woman in Colorado, USA


"Elizabeth does a wonderful job of teaching and articulating new ideas and methods about "How to Think" in an easy to understand approach. She offers solutions on how to quiet the negative talk and ways to nurture the creative brain." 

Rinah – Pilot in Colorado, USA


"I attended “How to Think”, and just as the first time I attended any of Elizabeth A Wilson’s guided meditations or study groups I was clearly able to interpret the material and also immediately able to put into practice the LIFE CHANGING techniques that she teaches. This has resulted in an amazing flow of happiness free from stress, once you realize that everything (good or bad), has a purpose and how to use the experience in a positive manner free of guilt or judgement purely using your intuition first then watch the results!! I recommend this course to anyone who would like to improve their daily lives as well as long term. Thank you, Elizabeth."

 Jeffrey – US Navy (ret) and Reiki Master, Colorado, USA

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