Sovereign - A Course in Life Mastery


"Sovereign" is a 12 week private education in personal mastery, an adventure into the depths of Truth about who you are. 

Why? Because we are here on purpose.

Our evolution has brought us from alive as an animalistic, survival-driven and fear-based consciousness to one of much more understanding, compassion, benevolence and love. Our existence is shifting, and that’s not an accident. The shudder goes through us like a wave of mist and fog as we shift in our entire way of being, from cellular vibration, to the stories in our minds and hearts, through our families and to entire macro-communities and global paradigm.

It is different than it was because we know more, and for the first time we know unequivocally that we want to know what is good and what is true. We have chosen love.

The unfolding that follows is ineffible. Magic and miracle become the very fabric of our lives' experience. The deepening of love in every pinprick moment of humble, ordinary life is an expansion of richness we could never have measured before we learned how to notice it. The simplest of moments in our life become an intimate experience, because we discover that the Truth isn't grand at all. There is nothing spectaculr about it, although it exists in the spectacular as it does in the humble. A speck of dust, a flash of light, a mushroom freshly popped out of the dirt. A tiny snail on a child's tiny fingernail, and a squeal of delight. The husband's silvering hairs. The smile wrinkles on the dear face in the mirror.

In the present, right here, is where it whispers.

And so the Sovereign master begins a journey to embody and express more and more love. We have chosen love because that is what we want. 

A consequence of this choice is that we reveal what we don’t want.

We begin to recognize what is not Love. We see the darkness that was always there, and we expose horrors and inappropriate ways of being. And that is frightening. We see it in our minds, we see it in our energy fields, we see it in our bodies, we see it in our relationships, in our politics, in our celebrities and media, in our environment. And it’s ugly. That’s how a detox works.

But it is safe.

And that safety, or salvation, lies in the fact that we have the choice of mastery as a practice for when we meet the edges of what we know. That Sovereignty to choose love in every thought, every feeling, every choice - and to align in love and deep connection with all as we walk together towards a way of being that excludes the need to inflict suffering on oneself or another.

It’s difficult, for sure. It’s very difficult. There are forces in the environment and in our genetics that interfere with the harmony of our soul song. The false note that happens when you know what you really want, and what you really believe, but you choose differently because of some fear of some thing. Even the silliest surface scars sometimes feel deep, and big, and unholy. That experience, terrifying as it is at times, is a perfectly safe and normal part of life. When you walk in the rain, you’ll get wet – and when you live in a turbulent world full of the detoxing of ancient darkness, you’re going to feel that too.

There is mastery in knowing that it’s safe. There is mastery in profound accountability for the living of your life, including the immediate forgiveness of every false step you take. There is mastery in outrageous compassion for yourself and even for the enemy, whatever that is to you. And when a master of any craft faces a difficulty, he and she reaches for the toolbox and applies what is needed to maintain that poise, grace and presence throughout the times of trouble.

The master demonstrates this practice and the peaceful life that results, and others follow on their own Way.

Listen to a lovely reading of DragonFly, a short story about ascending mastery.


A mastery practice is a path of perfect union of wisdom and method.

Sovereign is such a path, an education in knowledge and comprehension of who you are and how you serve, with the craftmanship of your own inner tools for the experience of life. The result is an expanding space within and through you, and the filling of it with grace. An allowing, forgiving and releasing of who you were. And a peaceful expansion into what you are becoming anyway.

The journey of a nascent master is unique and can never be fully facilitated by any book or protocol outside of the heart of the one treading the dirt - it doesn't need to be, because the creative expansion happens anyway. The larvae will become a dragonfly.

Yet, as with all crafts, it is the responsibility of each One who crosses the bridge into Self to reach back and share what works. Laying way-markers and pathways for others to cross is to contribute to the evolution of humanity, liberating others to direct their creative energy into yet unknown frontiers of human potential. This is a part of your calling:

To discover your life of Love, and to live it openly.

For that reason, my intention with this course is that it works as a malleable framework with plenty of space, like a fishing net. The net is equal parts the knots bound by others and the space through which the flow of your life moves so you catch only the bounty of your essence. 

It's an intensive program - simple, but not easy. To take you on a journey into life requires outrageous spiritual commitment. Following a structured course of learning we'll lean into evocative visual descriptions, philosophy and thought experiments to help the wisdom sink deep into your heart and mind, attuning your awareness and broadening your love for who you are. You'll receive training in the use of practical equipment from several schools of psychology and energy medicine to train your cellular consciousness, energy field, perspective and ways of thinking and feeling.


"Sovereign" is a 12 week private education in personal mastery, an adventure into the depths of Truth about who you are. 
Starting with your core mission for this work, we will follow a structured path into deeper awareness and more purposeful action as you embody the qualities needed for your mastery. 
What's your core mission? We might not even know that yet. Previous students have held these intentions:
"Forgive my parents."
"Finish writing my memoir."
"Remember my purpose."
"Prepare for a major mission."
"Divorce my distractions."
"Become peaceful."

etc... What you originally start with is the launching pad that guides our work together, and Sovereign is the curriculum we'll follow to keep the work focused, keeping a safe and flexible space for shifting our course when we need to. 
How is this different from my existing spiritual practice?
You are most certainly already engaged in some kind of mastery practice, whether it’s yoga, environmentalism, meditation, NLP, mindfulness, reiki, church sacraments, ritual of any kinds, perhaps just doing the dishes or singing in the shower… These are all Tactics that you are using to move into healing, prosperity, abundance, awakening, enlightenment, and peace. 
This is different. This is a Strategy.
A strategy is different from a tactic because it gives you a direction towards your goal. You already know what the goal is: it’s the wholly lived experience of the realization of love in your life. That’s what you have chosen, because that's what you want. 
Following this focused curriculum for the full 12 weeks of intimate inner work will guide you directly into the field of Truth from which you will know Love as it appears in your life.
And Love is the energy that transforms all into healing, abundance, wisdom, forgiveness, prosperity and peace.
This is the curriculum.


1 hour private tutorial, coaching and personal report outlining your vision and the parameters we’ll use in defining the strategy forward. 

(value $150)

We begin with remembering. This is a phase when we first experience the stirring of knowing that what we believed about ourselves and the world isn’t fully true, and that we in fact belong to a much vaster symphony of wholeness. You know this phase very well, it has been a dance partner of yours for many lifetimes. And yet, it is elusive, and we often forget. This module is about the embodiment of the remembering. The full acceptance and surrender to what you know is True. 

In an intimate, private online session together you will be heard, understood and remembered. As a result, you will learn, understand and remember. 

Inspired by ancient teachings across all schools of thought and incorporating philosophical perspectives of Artistotle and Heidegger that have traditionally been thought to be contradictory to each other, our unique understanding of human consciousness reveals the relationship between the nature of our make up and the human condition. With a visual model, private tutorial and practical assignments you will embody a deep understanding of what you are and how your core mission relates. This way of modelling the human consciousness is the basis for how the rest of the strategy is formed and taught, and it simplifies the mystery as we walk out to meet life with eyes wide open.



1 hour private tutorial, coaching and personal report outlining your modus operandi, strengths and weaknesses and how to use these on the journey.

(Value $150)


"Who Am I?"

Understanding the key elements that make up the way you interface with the world is a wonderful starting point for transformation. Knowing why you value, interact and respond the way you do gives you an inner landscape through which to navigate into a deeper essence of Truth. 

In an intimate private session you will be guided through a thought experiment where you meditate experientially on four sets of personality dichotomies based on models from behavioral psychology. Following this a report is drawn outlining core strengths and weaknesses and how to use these in relation to your vision, challenges and the parameters you have set for your journey.

We use a tool for mapping out some of the macro pieces of your personality, which provides a strong bridge towards the Self - beyond personality and identity and into the highest aspect of you that is unchanging and a natural essence of what you are. You will learn how to observe the personality as a system of interfacing, and show you how it has crystallized certain stories in your life and how to use it to gain deeper mastery over your choices in how to respond to the world. You begin to forever untangle your constructed self from your eternal self. It is also an intimate practice in discerning what is true and what is not true about you and your interaction with life, which will later become your most valuable tool:

Discernment is your inner compass. 



One 1 hour session exploring the trauma codes hidden throughout your genetics, crystallized by your modus operandi and showing up as interference patterns


One 2 hour session training in the Rapid Trauma Release Method




Report on findings with your weekly strategy.

(value $420)


So far in the course you have begun your exploration of your true nature and you've identified personality constraints that have masked as your Self throughout your life. Now you explore the patterns in your circumstances, relationships and narratives to arrive at the deepest codes in your consciousness that play out records of trauma and error, and release those.

In gentle, compassionate and absolute understanding, enjoy sessions of guided story-listening and training in the leading edge energy tool called Rapid Trauma Release developed by Kerin School of Healing.

Imagine a stained-glass window. The sunlight on one side moves through the glass and takes on the colors and texture of the images. The images are projected onto the floor. We can use all the tactics in the book to scrub the floor, but unless we release the images from the window of our consciousness, the projection will always find a way to manifest itself. The stories in the window are trauma codes. Wounds - new and ancient. Crystallized into our personalities and identity frameworks, these stories become institutions in their own right. Sometimes they're very subtle, no more obvious than a whisper in the wind.

"I am the wounded One."

"I'm not suffering enough."

"One day they'll find me out."

"I am wrong."

Forgiving and releasing our traumas has nothing to do with erasing the experience from our life. It has to do with dissolving the link between the experience and the story that it has initiated, so that you are free to flip the script. 

I will train you in Rapid Trauma Release, a protocol that includes the intentional use of two tools:

The Logic Tool: This is the tool you need to establish an comprehension of the energetic link between your trauma stories, triggered emotions, thought patterns and feeling experience.

The Energy Medicine Tool: This is the tool you need to transform the energy fields that link those patterns in an alchemy that will liberate you from your trauma stories forever. 

 The Rapid Trauma Release protocol will fit well with your existing practice. 



One 1 hour session with an introduction to the 5-Step Protocol for Dealing with Difficulty and an exploration of the tactics you will use to Surrender and Ground.


One 1 hour session with a review of the 5-Step Protocol for Dealing with Difficulty and an exploration of the tactics you will use to Power Up, Act and Allow.


Report on findings with your weekly strategy.

(value $300)


Now that you have released the stories that you had previously identified with, you will no longer be living by familiar frameworks. Although you have released trauma codes and false identities and are ready to meet life as liberated from programming, you must still expect challenge. As you grow, and you will on a path of life mastery, you’ll frequently reach the boundaries of what is known and comfortable. Obstacles that you might previously have thought of as limitations must become launching pads for success and prosperity.

So it is necessary to strengthen and tone the muscle of Sovereignty as you begin to journey your life like a true Hero. This is where we bring your core mission into the heart of our work. 

With intimate conversation, guided meditation and thought experiment, we will explore HERO: The five-step protocol for dealing with challenge. We refer back to your life stories and your modus operandi to give us the strategy for moving into the next phase of your journey.

You are guided through my tried and tested protocol of metacognition tools, energy techniques and essential oils for the five stages of handling any challenging situation and moving through challenges with grace, peace and masterful problem-solving:


You will learn the energetic and psychological art of surrendering to the circumstance so that resistance no longer prevents the flow of solution. Building on the previous step, you practice knowing what your unique personal tools are and how to tap into the innate alchemist that will serve to shift the challenge ahead of you. You begin to map out how to peak the performance of your higher mental faculties so you approach the challenge with your most acute awareness and how to discern the most beneficial choices when planning your next move. You learn the release of resistance to allow the solution to unfold gracefully even when you don't know what that solution looks like and start learning the best essential oils for managing your energy and focus during challenges.


WEEK 7, 8, 9, 10


One 1 hour session with training in the two thought techniques most resonant with your way of being, including how to break negative thought patterns.


One 1 hour session with training in the two thought techniques most challenging to your modus operandi, including a boot camp in reasoning.


One 1 hour session with training in vibrational discernment and attuning


One 1 hour session with training in transforming energy fields and allowing grace


Weekly reports and strategy


Four downloadable audio tutorials with guided thought experiments and meditations

(value $640)

Following this, you power up. You hone your higher faculties. You learn how to think right, how to alter neuropathways and how to enhance your cognitive processes, memory, imagination and intuition. Then, you move into prosperity. You deepen your mastery over the emotional field, you practice tuning your vibration and point of attraction, you lean into a richer and more embodied experience of love in your daily life, noticing miracle and magic as a natural part of the fabric that you’re living in.

Delivered in two distinct parts: How to Think and How to Feel - this module is the beginning of your embodiment of mastery. In intimate, private tutorial you will learn guided thought experiments and energy tuning tools from the Qi Gong line of kinesiology.

Part 1: Genius: How to Think:

Thinking is not only inevitable, it is necessary. With a strong and well-trained thinking organ you will be equipped to harness the power of your mind and master the art of malleable thought. In this part of the course you will learn the true meaning of the first principle of philosophy: "I Think Therefore I AM" (Renee Descartes) and experience four thought techniques that will forever change the way you use your brain and higher faculties. The true meaning of genius is not your IQ level but the ability to understand what you need to understand in that moment, and with this course you will know what techniques to apply to use your thinking tool to its most acute performance. 

We cover the basics of brain science and the laws of mind over matter, four thought practices that will always be your template for simplifying your thinking and discerning the highest quality thought in any moment, how to permanently break negative thought patterns, the best essential oils for brain performance and how to use them, and guided visualizations for detaching from pattern thought.

Part 2: Sensual: How to Feel:

At this point in the course you have released false identities and limitations and trained yourself in standing Sovereign, and you have also piqued your mind and awareness. Now it is time to dial up your vibration. You must learn how to deeply feel and sense the flavours and textures of life and experience the richness of luscious, loving abundance. This next segment of the course course is a training of your energy field, and you will learn how to discern the nature of frequencies before you either absorb or release them. You will learn neurolinguistic techniques and applied kinesiology tools to tune your energy field, and how to use storytelling for engaging richly and deeply with the bounty of life. You'll continue practicing the Rapid Trauma Release method, and start experimenting with its use for other forms of alchemy.



ADVENTURING: The art of Surrender

One 2 hour session with coaching, guided visualization to explore your way of being and its role in revealing the highest and best next step on your unique journey. Review and practice in energetic discernment and choice-making within the parameters of your modus operandi.


Downloadable guided meditation for enhancing courage and confidence.


Report on findings and your strategy for the week ahead.

(value $260)

You are ready to move into your new life as Sovereign, and must practice the art of surrender. You will learn the methods for living as an adventurer, surrendered to the flow of movement as you follow the thread of desire and inspiration to let the moment guide your every choice.  You have heard the terms "go with the flow" and "follow your heart" and while that is an alluring idea it is also tricky to navigate your relationship with the physical structure of life in the world. The question "but how?" is the biggest blockage to living a surrendered and free life. In this part of the course you will learn how to lay your own tracks in the moment without losing the safety of a solid foundation as you use your tools to create a foundation that will support the execution of spontaneous choice.

With evocative story-telling, energetic attunement, and visual modelling you will embody a deepening practice of spiritual discernment and directing positive power into you way forward.

You will learn how to formulate your vision and hold it energetically so you attract the circumstances that support it, how to activate and nurture the courage, confidence and grace you will need on your way, what to pack in your backpack - your personal spiritual tactics and how to direct them for living in the world but not being of it. You’ll learn how to always discern the next step on the route so you're never left floundering in the wilderness and you will also receive a powerful meditation for enhancing confidence and courage.


Week 12

DISCIPLE: The Art of Authentic Service to the Wholeness of One’s Life

One 2 hour session synthesis and review of the course, with vision-mapping for your next moves. A guided energy assessment practice with the 5 Question Truth Test and practical tactics for attuning and refining your highest ideal as you evolve in your dance with life.


Full report of your Sovereign journey with lessons learned and an audio message with “The Apostle’s Bridge”, a guided meditation for attunement and embodiment of learning.

(value: $450.)

So now you are ready to set off into the world as a Sovereign adventurer of life, no longer burdened by the baggage of the past, and with all your tools sharpened and empowered. By why?

This final course is what gives meaning to it all. Now you must settle into a loving allowing of your highest purpose. You will know precisely what you came here to do, and you will be intimately attuned with your calling. And because of the training you have undergone in your education thus far, you will find that your thoughts, energy field and inner skills are poised for the graceful unfolding and presence of your life.

Using energetic attunement through an intimate exchange of our synthesis of the course, we will call into view the lessons learned at each stage so the alchemy of it all presents itself as your true North. You are also guided through the 5 Question Truth Test to practice discerning the purity and power of what you’ve arrived at. Where tweaks are needed, these are done using the kinesiology tools learned previously.

With this final module you will never again doubt your purpose and the way you serve. You will have a clear vision, a well-defined map and a perfectly balanced compass. You will learn what your highest ideal is and how to put your superpowers to use in service of it. Using applied kinesiology, you’ll deepen your practice in discerning truth from falsehood both in your environment and relationships and in your own responses to the world. You’ll embody how to express authentically to your nature and with confidence in your place in the union of all life, and you’ll begin to open to inspiration on how to make your living by extending your service to the world.

The program ends with a guided meditation called “The Apostle’s Bridge” that calls you forward to fully claiming your place as a Sovereign, radiant expression of human potential and solidifies your Way across the bridge as your commitment to your Self. 

You will receive your graduation certificate and a personal gift from me to symbolize my gratitude for your lifelong commitment to the lifestyle of mastery.


The Full Inventory:

15 hours of intimate, private tuition and coaching.

12 personal reports with findings and intentional actions for the week.

Downloadable PDF materials, audio and video tutorials.

A pocket handbook to be your companion on the journey.

A Master Handbook outlining your journey and accomplishments.

A certificate of completion, a symbol of persistence, commitment and devotion to your life. 


Weekly group workshops in a safe and loving community away from social media.

Weekly intensive energy work and distance reiki. 

Priority response times for guidance between sessions.

Options for discounted deeper immersion add-ons for more challenging phases.


 Click below to claim Sovereign. Please be intentional and present as you do. 

Elizabeth A Wilson

I am Elizabeth. I'm an imperfect but beloved creature with the intention to keep living life with more and more love. My husband Matt and I have two daughters, and we live happily surrendered to grace. We're not sophisticated people at all, in fact we're pretty ordinary. We do a jolly good job at most things we undertake, but that's mostly because we only undertake the things we're called to - and even then it's not the smoothest it could be. We won't win any awards for handiwork! We're beautiful but not supermodels, healthy but not super-food yogis, brilliant but not Nobel-laureate. We could sort of hold a tune, but will never be maestros! 

But we certainly have our mastery. For us, LIFE is the craft that has most finesse. The polished and graceful way of participating with life and her blessings and lessons. Moving through the challenges with ease as observers of the loving exchange that comes with dancing with difficulty. Smoothly allowing what-is and releasing resistance to what-could-be. Weaving the circumstances into a story of grace and miracle and engaging with the richness of experiencing more and more of the moments. Life-living is both a craft that can be mastered and an intimate dance with yourself. The strategy we use is Sovereign, and there is nothing mediocre about it! It's the sweetest gift from God.

This is not just something I say - this strategy is the way my family and I have followed in a transformation beyond description, from being in agonizing trouble, to being peaceful. 

It has come from my lifelong, deep-delving spiritual and philosophical studies, my profound experiential life training with priests, doctors of different schools of medicine, witches and pagan masters, religious mystics, yogis, elders and thousands of unsung heroes of life. It has come from LIVING my outrageous risks, and my spectacular failures. It’s come from my victory. It has come from my students' victories. Using the Sovereign strategy I have had the honor of guiding my students into a fuller realization of themselves and the way love moves in their life – and it just keeps going when they leave Kerin School of Healing, because it’s a strategy for life



I am taking 10 students per season, there are granted on a first-come first-serve basis as you honor the financial exchange. I am committed to keeping this important mastery course accessible to anyone, so if you would like to discuss a payment plan that fits your life, I'd love to hear from you!  

I am offering one full sponsorship and I am offering one place on the course against in-kind trade.

These opportunities are open to anybody in the world ready to make an outrageous commitment to life and step into a role of discipleship and devotion, expressed authentically in your way in your field. To apply please email:

Please include a few paragraphs on your story so far including your area of mission, and outline what you would like to offer as a trade. Then we'll schedule a video chat to see if we can work together.  



"My journey has been a lifelong search for Myself, God, and my mission. There have been many magical leaps forward and just as many devastating falls. In the last year and a half, my path has been fraught with pain, fear, anger, sadness, and suffering, culminating in a stroke, two heart surgeries, the seeming loss of friendships and discord in my marriage and family life, and the imminent death of my Father. Then a mutual friend gave me Elizabeth’s card and I began to explore Kerin School of Healing. My heart began to lift. Her teachings resonated so deeply and I wanted to learn more. I received as many free teachings as I was able, and then felt called to take a deep dive. I asked to work with her. I had already learned about the importance of plant essence and all of the supportive energies that are so abundantly given to us by Mother Earth: powerful human connections, animal messages, the messages of the trees and flowers and all manner of living creatures. The messages given by the sun, the moon, the stars, the seasons, the elements. The synchronicities and miracle and magic that can be found in each moment. I treasure our homeschooling adventures, yoga, meditation, hiking, writing, singing, dancing and telling stories. But I also felt as though I was carrying enormous burdens, traumas, and suffering, some which were my own and many that I was carrying for others. I didn’t know how to climb out. I was sinking, losing my footing. I felt like I had learned so many ways of lifting and clearing and releasing but I was still slipping, losing Myself. I was reverting to old patterns, embracing no longer useful programming, sinking into unhealthy habits. So Elizabeth and I sat down at our computers with a cup of tea. Within weeks, there were all sorts of little miracles. I was going through a deeply profound shift. The transformation was like lightning! Not only was I noticing awe inspiring changes in myself, but they were rippling outward. I was noticing changes in my husband and children. My relationships with my parents and siblings began to change. Things that I had thought were impossible were becoming possible. So many people I love began to transform as well. It was a chain reaction of awareness, forgiveness, self acceptance, self love."
"Elizabeth herself personifies such beauty and grace in every vibration of her presence. One cannot help but fall in love with her, and be better for it. She has such an ease and comfort that I have found myself having full permission to be a better doctor, a better questioner, a better observer of life in her presence. Full of beauty, words, and wisdom, Elizabeth evokes this ancient memory that yes, we are all capable of being a bit better than we actually are stumbling around life as. Her kind, funny, and engaging stories help spread these lessons with laughter and if you’re lucky enough to be in her physical presence perhaps also some aromatic oils or delicious treats. I give Elizabeth and her teachings my highest recommendation. I am honored to know her."
Dr. C Clark
"II was clearly able to interpret the material and also immediately able to put into practice the LIFE CHANGING techniques that she teaches. This has resulted in an amazing flow of happiness free from stress, once you realize that everything (good or bad), has a purpose and how to use the experience in a positive manner free of guilt or judgement purely using your intuition first then watch the results!! I recommend this course to anyone who would like to improve their daily lives as well as long term. Thank you, Elizabeth."
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