We are so proud and delighted to announce the new eBook, Sovereign.

If you are looking for a simple guide to keep handy and that you can dip in and out of throughout the day to remind yourself of your mastery as One who lives an illumined and peaceful life, this is the book for you.

 The practice of Sovereignty is the gentle and serene art of overseeing the activity of the mind, the flow of the energy field and the state of being, so that one can experience anew from a wiser vantage point. It may take certain tools to begin with. With metacognition – the art of thinking about thinking – we can consciously guide our thought systems into revitalizing and empowering patterns. With simple energy work we can attune our biofields and refine our point of attraction with precision. With essential oils – the remarkable life force and consciousness of our botanical cousins - we can help transition the brain chemistry, the blood chemistry, the subtle energy body, and our environment into a frequency that supports our intention to relax deeper and deeper into the Kingdom of Heaven – the peaceful bliss of here and now. 

Mastering these tools, or rather, using these tools to master our response to our external environment, is what makes us truly Sovereign. When it becomes your nature, you’ll no longer need any tools. Until then, this little handbook is your daily companion to offer simple techniques, comfort, guidance, and attunement to your highest awareness. 

Each meditation will soon be available as an audio companion to this beautifully written handbook. 


"Sovereign is both a blueprint for how to respond to life with clarity, purpose, and peace as much as it is a love story; the lover and the loved are played by the same character - you. Deeply embedded in timeless truths and the certain resurrection of yourself, Sovereign is a work of art that both engages your heart while feeding your brain. The prayers and essential oil suggestions are remarkable and sure to send you down a path of healing and spirituality that you’ve yet to experience. Read. Practice. Repeat. This one won’t travel far from your toolkit and will be used time and time again."

- Allie Demes, The Intentional Oiler Project

Enjoy a free reading of the first chapter: