Our Healers and Teachers

Dorothy Kerin
St Dorothy Kerin was a well known early 20th century healer using a modality of healing traditionally known as "laying-on-of-hands". This was an important time for the emergence of modern energy medicine and upgrade of human consciousness. This was the era where Dr Mikao Usui discovered reiki, Ernest Holmes was formulating the Science of Mind, the Urantia Book was being revealed, Albert Einstein was formulating the Unified Field Theory, and Davisson and Germer were demonstrating the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanical phenomena which is the basis of our understanding of the universe as a malleable hologram that bends according to mind.  While all this was happening in the world, Dorothy survived a near death experience and was called by Christ to initiate a healing ministry which lasted through two world wars and spanned the globe. We are proud to be related by blood and by spirit to this pioneering energy healer.
Elizabeth A Wilson
Elizabeth A Wilson is a cousin of Dorothy. She is an internationally published author, philosophy teacher and spiritual guide. Her workshops deliver easy to digest metaphysics, mysticism and laws of mind, the comprehension of which can initiate profound healing. Elizabeth uses quantum attunements to adjust her students' consciousness within their free will and facilitates a frequency of healing known as Holy Fire. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and her reiki lineage is 11th generation from Dr. Usui. She trained in the field under Rev. Drew Vogt at Sarasota Center of Light and Rev. Elizabeth Thompson at Unity of Sarasota, was the program director for a leadership seminar called "Think Like A Leader" and a 5 week personal mastery course called "Flagship Living" in collaboration with Unity of Sarasota, before moving to Colorado and studying under Rev. Nancy Malloy at St Laurence Episcopal Church and Reiki Master Teacher Jeff Baird at Sunset Reiki Colorado, and developing the widely acclaimed programs for Kerin School of Healing. Elizabeth is now based in Derbyshire, United Kingdom where she lives a life of rich love with her daughters, husband and parents.
Sylvia R Swann

Sylvia R Swann is also a cousin of Dorothy. As a Reiki Master her lineage is 9th generation from Dr. Usui and she is a gifted TV producer with a rich and deep history of intuitive healing. Producer of an award-winning documentary about the art of limitation, she specializes in dissolving limiting blockages in the human biofield. Sylvia can be found in Oslo, Norway where she lives with her husband Amund and two young children, Peter and Sanna. 

Although each of our teachers are unique expressions of how healing can be administered, we all use the same tools which we adjust in accordance with the needs of our clients and students:

  • Universal life force energy
  • Tried and tested psychology techniques
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils

We are also proud to collaborate with these highly esteemed healing establishments and will share and receive referrals when appropriate: