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Sovereign: A Guide to Personal Mastery in all Affairs

This free program is running in Derby, United Kingdom. The practice of Sovereignty is the gentle and serene art of overseeing the activity of the mind, the flow of the energy field and the state of being, so that one can experience anew from a wiser vantage point. It may take certain tools to begin with. With metacognition – the art of thinking about thinking – we can consciously guide our thought systems into revitalizing and empowering patterns. With simple energy work we can attune our biofields and refine our point of attraction with precision. With essential oils – the remarkable life force and consciousness of our botanical cousins - we can help transition the brain chemistry, the blood chemistry, the subtle energy body, and our environment into a frequency that supports our intention to relax deeper and deeper into the Kingdom of Heaven – the peaceful bliss of here and now. Mastering these tools, or rather, using these tools to master our response to our external environment, is what makes us truly Sovereign. Join these classes to experience the 5 lessons, meditations and techniques for living in the world, but not of the world. 

  • WHERE: 53 Vicarage Avenue, Derby, DE23 6TQ
  • WHEN: Every Thursday at 7pm GMT

WHAT DO I NEED: The classes are free, and we recommend you grab your Sovereign eBook from Amazon to explore the depths of the teachings in your own time. Click the image below to grab your copy. 

Free Sovereign classes

Free Video Tutorials

Introduction to Essential Oils for Students of Truth and Spiritual Teachers.

A light-hearted tutorial by Kerin School of Healing on how to use essential oils to enhance your personal mastery and deepen your spiritual practice. A must for spiritual teachers and thought leaders.

Introduction to essential oils

How to Break A Negative Thought Pattern

Learn how to quickly and easily break the negative thought patterns that keep us on a cycle of experiencing what we don't want.

How to break a negative thought pattern


How to Think 

These classes provide easy and powerful techniques you can use any time to reprogram the way you think. Module 1 and 2 are free. The remaining program is available to members only.

The brain and mind are often vilified on the spiritual scene - condemned for being the house of the Ego and the great saboteur of big dreams. But the truth is that this remarkable tool is the key to nurturing creativity, intelligence and clear vision - all key ingredients in the soul of a master human. You are capable of changing how you think and it starts with switching gears in your mind and ascending your awareness out of the mind stream so that you can choose anew.

 Pondering for Dummies

In this second tutorial in the series "How To Think" presented by Kerin School of Healing we cover the craft of reasoning with two exercises to practice, and delve into the Thomistic style of thinking with a guided discursive meditation. This tutorial follows the first tutorial, "Contemplation for Dummies"

How to think 2


The Science of Prosperity (Facebook)

Whether you have been practicing and serving for decades or are just emerging - healers, ministers, artists, musicians, readers, teachers and students of mastery are all warmly welcome.

Using metacognition techniques, energy work and essential oils we support each other in nurturing a prosperity mindset. It is vital that as good hearts and souls we have the consciousness to attract the resources we need for the important work of leading our planet into a peaceful future - and when two or more are gathered in alignment, exponential ripples happen!

We cover:
🌟The basics of the role mind, metaphysics and mystery plays in developing prosperity and abundance.
✨10 lessons, 10 meditations and 10 lesson enhancements
👑 BONUS: 10 energy hacks - both to attract abundance and to release resistance to it!

"Remember that money is the consolidation of the loving, living energy of divinity, and that the greater the realization and expression of love, the freer will be the inflow of that which is needed to carry forward the work."

(Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul)

science of prosperity