Why Essential Oils?

Elizabeth Andrzejewski-Wilson

By Sylvia R. Swann

Are you really ready for a better life? 

There are countless lifestyle and wellness programs out there that require only five minutes of your time every day for you to turn your life around: Yoga, meditation, EDT (tapping), Energy Medicine, medicinal yoga, and the list goes on. 

I tried them all. I could commit to none of them. FIVE MINUTES - yes, way too much to bother. Who on Earth has five minutes these days, anyway? Not me! But there are gazillions of others shopping around for another wonder-recipe for a better life with better health, more energy and less procrastination, because the previous thing 'didn't work for me'. However, are the programs really the issue? 

I figured out what was stopping me.  

1) I couldn't commit because the programs were all based on actions that I myself had to actively perform,

2) and it would result in something that, deep down, I was not sure I was ready for.

The thing is, when you are lacking something in your life, that might be the very thing that keeps you from wanting to move on and actually have a shot of filling that void down the line; Moving on, and getting what you want, is SCARY. 

Moving on means further distancing yourself from something that is familiar to you or something you don't want to put behind you. 

Moving on is like 'I know what I have and not what I'll get'.

Moving on would perhaps signal to yourself or others that you didn't deserve all of the suffering you have gone through because of what 'happened to you', and perhaps you want the world to know how awful it has been for you and no one will understand unless you are suffering BIG TIME. 

Moving on means you have to show up in your own life, which is a haul when you're emotionally and physically exhausted.

Moving on means you actually deserve a better life, and sometimes deep down we feel like we don't. 

All of these issues manifest into self-sabotaging behaviour. Like, for instance, the belief that you do not have five minutes a day to spare to change your life around and get five minutes to spare.

We might be un- or fully aware of our blockages, and yet we can't seem to move past them. And with most programs, change doesn't just happen, change is made to happen. If you don't actively commit, you will not see results. 

Enter essential oils. 

Essential oils require an absolute minimal physical effort from you in order to make massive changes in your life. All you have to do is pop the lid and sniff it, and that's it. Apply some to your skin, and you are done. They make the perfekt gateway healing tools. Your energy will be affected, your mind will be affected, it will enter your bloodstream and affect you from within. And, it is the passive act of receiving this healing effects that makes these oils exactly what you want to have in your life, because they will take care of you, when you will not; they love you, even if you don't. Suddenly, thanks to their extraordinary abilities* you will have moved on, irrevocably. You will have that extra energy to commit, to take the next step, and to build on that progress and build again and again, until you reach a state of consciousness where you don't actually have to do nothing at all. 
And you'll see it wasn't scary after all.

*Want to learn about the most extraordinary healing secret of Essential Oils? 
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